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XR 6.0 Adjustable Weight Bench with Exercise Chart

Target and tone your entire body with the  XR 6.0 Utility Bench. Enjoy four different bench positions, including flat, incline, decline, and military, to isolate different muscle groups and promote proper posture while you work out. Utility benches provide the needed support for heavy lifting and give you the confidence to lift without worrying about losing balance or control. Pair your  XR 6.0 Utility Bench with your favorite dumbbells or a barbell (not included) for an additional challenge to any weight lifting workout, or use your bench on its own to support exercises like burpees, pushups, and abdominal exercises. Sewn vinyl seats provide comfort and stability while lifting, and are durable for long-time use. The XR 6.0 Utility Bench also includes an exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer, so you can follow along and ensure proper form and execution with each movement to maximize your strength training experience.

Adjustable Ergonomic Utility Bench

  • Ideal for a great strength workout, this bench lets you adjust the seat to target different muscle groups
  • Pair your bench with your favorite weights (not included) for an additional challenge and a more dynamic workout
  • Train in 4 different positions: Flat, Incline, Decline, and Military

Sewn Vinyl Seats

  • Vinyl seats provide comfort and durability while lifting

Exercise Chart

  • Learn new ways to target different muscles with the exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer
  • Execute each movement with accuracy and proper form for better results
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